private tuition

Dancesport is a glamorous and exciting leisure activity characterised by grace, style and musical interpretation. It is now recognised by the International Olympic Committee as a sport and is expected to eventually be included in the Olympic program. Dancesport provides opportunity for developing athletic discipline of body and mind and as well as artistic creativity through musical interpretation, costume design and choreographic programming.

Dancesport is for some, a very competitive sport but for others it can be a wonderful way to participate in social dancing or for couples just to enjoy something together.  People as young as 4 years, or as mature as 90 years, can enjoy this wonderful pastime and there are considerable benefits:

  • Developing co-ordination of mind and body
  • Encourages good poise, irrespective of age.
  • Develops good muscle tone and gives a person that “wonderful feeling of being alive”.
  • Helps to keep you youthful with an up to date spontaneity.
  • Is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together.
  • Is a great social asset in developing skills of communication.
  • Promotes confidence, self-assurance and awareness of life.
  • Develops artistic creativity and musical interpretation.
  • Is a rewarding way to spend your leisure time.
  • The best and easiest way to meet someone your are interested in.
  • And best of all instigates great friendships that can last a lifetime.

Regular private tuition is now Sherries’ preferred model for couples and individuals wishing to undertake structured learning. This allows Sherrie the ability to develop a training program that is tailored to your specific needs and one that fast tracks your knowledge and skills.